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From:Jim Starkey Date:July 22 2009 1:15am
Subject:Low Memory and Cycle Locking
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Kevin raised the point that a problem with cycle locking is that records 
recovered during low memory handling are not available until the next 
cycle.  This is true, but there is a simple workaround.  As soon as a 
low memory condition is recognized, do a manual wake-up of the cycle 
manager thread.  It will still have to wait for other threads with a 
cycle lock to finish, but none of these threads are going to block 
holding cycle locks except, perhaps, the thread that invoked the low 
memory operation.  Given the very few places that record memory is 
allocated, a careful analysis might reveal that there is no danger of 
releasing the cycle lock at the point of memory allocation.  The 
situations that the cycle manager primarily addresses is traversing 
record chains, which is generally unassociated with allocating new 
record objects.
Low Memory and Cycle LockingJim Starkey22 Jul
  • Re: Low Memory and Cycle LockingKevin Lewis23 Jul