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From:Kevin Lewis Date:June 3 2009 12:49am
Subject:Mayl Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 14 new bugs in April (6 for Beta)
and fixed or otherwise reclassified 15 bugs (10 for Beta).

The total BETA bug count went down in May to 26 
from a high of 63 on March 18.


Comentary for May, 2009
* The new bug count continued to go down this month as it did last month. Only 14 new bugs
were reported while 8 bugs were fixed and 7 bugs were reclassified.  The reclassification
rate remained almost half of the bugs handled.
* Kevin led the team again with 6 bugs fixed. 
* Olav took over for Philip in analyzing the daily and weekly pushbuild results and
reported 8 bugs.  Others who found or reported bugs this month were Lars-Erik=2, Kevin=1,
Hakan=1, Callaghan=1, Ranger=1
* 6 out of 14 the new Falcon bugs verified in May were triaged as Beta bugs with 2 not yet
* Lars-Erik worked hard on bugs related to the Limit optimization.  He made two separate
fixes for 1 bug, and is actively diagnosing two remaining problems.
* Chris has taken responsibility for getting Falcon to compile as a plug-in for future
MySQL releases.
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