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From:Kevin Lewis Date:May 14 2009 6:13pm
Subject:April Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 20 new bugs in April (11 for Beta)
and fixed or otherwise reclassified 43 bugs (29 for Beta).

The total BETA bug count went down in April to 29 from a high of 63 on March 18.


Commentary for April, 2009

* This was the best month ever for reducing the Falcon Bug count. Only 20 new bugs were
reported while 23 bugs were fixed and another 20 were reclassified. We expected the new
bug rate to go down and the reclassify rate to stay strong. But this was better than
* One week was taken up by the Users Conference, which was attended by Kevin, Ann, Olav,
and Philip.
* The team fixed and reassigned 43 bugs in April while only 20 new bugs were found. So the
total bug count went down by 21. The total BETA bug count also went down in April to 29
from a high of 63 on March 18.
* 20 Bugs were reclassified to Duplicate, Can't repeat, etc during April continuing the
trend from March.
* This was Vlad's last month with the Falcon project. He is switching over to the
Connectors group on May 1. But he finished up his time on the Falcon team with a flurry of
activity. Not only did he fix 7 bugs, but he reclassified another 8.
* Kevin led the team with 10 bugs fixed and 2 more reclassified.
* Philip led the list of bug finders once again with 10 bugs, a full half of all bugs
reported. Others opening bugs were Kevin=3, Hakan=2, Olav=1, Petrunia=1, Alik=1, Dmitri=1,
* Only least 55% (11 out of 20) of the ne Falcon bugs verified in April were triaged as
Beta bugs. This is lower than previous months. We are hoping that this percentage drops
even further in the coming months.
* With the news that Sun has aggreed to be purchaced by Oracle, Some inevitable changes
will occur. Once the acquisition is made, the need for Falcon as a MySQL storage engine
will be re-evaluated. Until then, Falcon will continue to improve stability and
performance. The team will also evaluate other technical niches that may be unique to
* After over 4 years of work on Falcon, Hakan has decided to leave MySQL, effective Jude
30. He is transationing his work to John.
* Philip is switching from SystemQA witha focus on Falcon, to full time QA on the Server
5.4 release. He no longer expects to be openeing any bugs against Falcon until we release
as a plugin for 5.4. 
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