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From:Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz Date:March 23 2009 4:43pm
Subject:[WFTO] Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2009-03-20
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Dear Falcon fellows,

in February there was no WFTO, but now the report is back again.
Since my last report of 2009-02-06 we fixed around 39 bugs.

The full test overview is located at:

For our external guests, I have a blog entry here:

Good news of the week:
   - For the first time ever, we have some hosts, which pass all tests!

Concerns of the week.
   - Since February we saw a quite high new bug income rate.
   - object.objects_falcon failed to run (analyzing)

News for this week:
* Christopher Powers fixed
  o Bug#28178 Falcon ALTER TABLE ends up in "Unknown table 'sql-xyz'
  o Bug#32838 Falcon; error 1296 : Got error 305 'record memory is exhausted'
  o Bug#33177 Table creation fails after error 305 and tablespace change
  o Bug#36442 Falcon: crash during optimize table
  o Bug#38375 Falcon crash in Record::isNull
  o Bug#39445 Falcon: Update fails following online add column
  o Bug#39670 Error on rename (errno: 121) from ALTER TABLE ADD KEY in concurrent test
  o Bug#42592 Falcon assertion (insert(NULL, record, record->recordNumber)) when
  o Bug#42651 Regression: falcon_bug_22169-big started to fail with error 305
  o Bug#42725 Exception when filling I_S.TABLESPACES by Falcon (backup.backup_timeout
  o Bug#42830 Falcon Exception: ResultSet has been closed after recovery
  o Bug#43504 Falcon DBT2 crash in Table::rollbackRecord()

* Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz fixed
  o Bug#43182 Disabled falcon_unicode-big and falcon_blob_space-big

* Kevin Lewis fixed
  o Bug#34182 SELECT ... FOR UPDATE does not lock when in subquery
  o Bug#42340 Falcon assertion (oldestVisible->state != recLock) in
  o Bug#42660 Falcon bug in SparseArray.h
  o Bug#42828 Falcon crash in Table::checkUniqueRecordVersion - transaction = 0x0
  o Bug#43200 Falcon crash at startup in Database::scavenge()

* Lars-Erik Bjørk fixed
  o Bug#23692 Falcon: searches fail if data is 0x00
  o Bug#33190 Falcon: DeferredIndex and IndexKey may sort slightly differently
  o Bug#33719 CREATE TABLE only accepts falcon_user tablespace in uppercase
  o Bug#34478 Falcon: search failure with varbinary = 0x00
  o Bug#38130 Falcon assertion in IndexNode::expandKey offset + length <=
  o Bug#42341 Falcon assertion (key - (UCHAR*) indexNode < 14) in IndexNode::parseNode
  o Bug#43452 Wrong number of rows returned when using LIMIT
  o Bug#43488 Crash in Table::fetchForUpdate (update conflict) when using LIMIT query

* Olav Sandstaa fixed
  o Bug#36410 Falcon crashes on 64 concurrent threads
  o Bug#40155 [Falcon] Error: assertion (ret == 0) failed at line 80 in file Mutex.cpp
  o Bug#40274 Falcon assertion in Transaction::releaseDependencies at Transaction.cpp:792
  o Bug#40633 pushbuild failure: Falcon assertion "lockState == 0" failed in
  o Bug#42568 Falcon: Crash in SyncObject::unlock at line 976 in SyncObject.cpp
  o Bug#43048 Falcon may crash during shutdown when running it embedded

* Vladislav Vaintroub fixed
  o Bug#35255 falcon_bug_22165.test fails with debug builds
  o Bug#41837 Falcon recovery error: page 102/0 wrong page type, expected 7 got 0
  o Bug#42745 Exception: can't find table space during recovery
  o Bug#42344 Falcon recovery Exception: read error on page Invalid argument (22)
  o Bug#42478 Falcon crash in Database::updateSequence
  o Bug#42560 Falcon recovery error: page 411048/1 wrong page type, expected 5 got 7
  o Bug#42824 Falcon assertion (lockType == Exclusive) in Bdb::mark on REPAIR

Changes in Weekly Falcon Test Overview.
   - None.

This week's results:
 walldorf debug:   Failed 2/251, 99.20% were successful.
 walldorf opt:     Failed 2/250, 99.20% were successful.
 ubuntu32x2 debug: Failed 1/238, 99.58% were successful.
 ubuntu32x2 opt:   Failed 0/237, 100.00% were successful.
 win64 debug:      Failed 1/238, 99.58% were successful.
 win64 opt:        Failed 0/237, 100.00% were successful.
 esslingen debug:  Failed 3/238, 98.74% were successful.
 esslingen opt:    Failed 1/237, 99.58% were successful.

Test observations:
   - New tests: 6 new test.

Revision used:
revno: 3068
revision-id: hky@stripped
parent: hky@stripped
parent: alik@stripped
committer: Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz 
branch nick: mysql-6.0-falcon-to-merge

   - The test suite was run like:
   ./ --enable-disabled ---force --skip-ndb 
   walldorf additionally runs
   ./ --enable-disabled ---force --skip-ndb
--suite=falcon,falcon_team \
   --big-test --suite-timeout=6360 --testcase-timeout=30 --do-test=.*-big

Future plans:
  - As new platforms for WFTO I plan Solaris 10/Intel 64-bit,
  and Solaris 9/SPARC (not in particular order).

Notes on the machines used:
   - Real machines have city names.
   - Virtual machines (VMware) have this naming scheme:
   <distribution|operating system><bits>x<CPUs>

   - walldorf: main machine running also VMware. Dell two-way dual-core,
   8GB RAM, 15k SAS RAID 10 storage. RHEL5.
   - esslingen: Mac Cube G4, PPC 450MHz., 1 GB RAM. Mac OS X 10.4.

Best regards,


Hakan Küçükyılmaz, Senior Software Engineer DBTG/MySQL +49 160
Sun Microsystems GmbH     Sonnenallee 1, DE-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
Geschaeftsfuehrer:  Thomas Schroeder, Wolfang Engels, Dr. Roland Boemer
Vorsitz d. Aufs.rat.: Martin Haering   HRB MUC 161028     49.011, 8.376

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