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From:Kevin Lewis Date:March 11 2009 8:47am
Subject:February Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 37 bugs in January and fixed or otherwise
reclassified 35 bugs.


Commentary for February, 2009

   *  The Falcon Team fixed and reassigned 35 bugs in February while 37 
new bugs were found. So the total bug count went up by 2. The total BETA 
bug count held steady for February.
     * Vlad fixed 8 Bugs, all of which were related to recovery.
     * Chris fixed 11 bugs while trying to improve the record memory 
management within Falcon.
     * Philip opened 12 more bugs against Falcon this month. Others 
opening bugs were Olav=5, Chris=4, Hakan=3, Kevin=3, Vlad=2, John=1, 
Peter G=1, Alik=1, Dimitry=1, Lars-Erik=1, Mark Callaghan=1, Miguel=1, 
     * At least 65% (24 out of 37) of bugs verified in February were 
triaged as Beta bugs. 4 verified bugs are still not triaged. This high 
percentage will keep us from reaching Beta in the next several months.
     * The cloneoff for 6.0.10 occurred this month. The Falcon code at 
the time contained a number of destabilizing bug fixes which may give 
6.0.10 a sense that it has regressed in stability. But this release 
contains a large number of real bug fixes and should be viewed as a 
major step forward. The destabilizing changes involve;
           o Increasing default page cache size to 250 Mb from 4 Mb 
caused many non-Falcon related testing inconveniences since in 6.0.10 
Falcon is viewed as a memory hog.
           o More active Backlogging
           o More active Scavenging
     * More active Backlogging and Scavenging have revealed a series of 
preexisting record cache concurrency issues that the team is actively 
working to solve.
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