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From:Lars-Erik Bjørk Date:February 22 2009 3:15pm
Subject:Re: Patch for Bug#23692
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thank you for the review, and the comments. I will push this patch for  
23692, and open a new bug based on your findings. I am sitting in a  
family party, eating cake, right now, so I will re read your comments  
later :)



On Feb 20, 2009, at 11:06 PM, Kevin Lewis wrote:

> Lars-Erik,
> I code reviewed and approved the patch for Bug#23692.  But it got me  
> thinking about our limit searches...
> So I tweaked my LIMIT SQL from yesterday to see how we do here and  
> sure enough, it shows another problem with the our current RUN  
> version of multisegmented keys.  The RUN length is always padded  
> with 0x00, not the pad character.  So the last query below gets the  
> wrong answer.  If we padded each RUN with the pad character, it  
> might be correct more often.  But it would still not be correct when  
> the actual length is a multiple of RUN since there would be no  
> padding.
> The first limit query sorted just by f1 also fails.  Your current  
> solution in this bug addresses non-limit searches, where the server  
> can resort the answer.  It allows us to find the right answer even  
> if the index is sorted incorrectly.  But if the server depends on  
> our search order, we do not have a solution, because our storage  
> order is incorrect.
> I consider this a LIMIT problem and it should be a new bug, so that  
> we can push this patch for Bug#23692.  Whereas 23692 is concerned  
> with finding the correct values, the new bug would be concerned with  
> the order they display using a limit query.  Can you open that bug?
> I think the only solution is to add the dreaded pad character to the  
> end of every char and varchar string created by makeKey, just in  
> case that string also exists with an appended character < the pad  
> character. I wish there was another solution.
> Note that the second limit query sorted by f2 succeeds because we  
> have no index on f2 and the server must re-sort.
> Here is the test.
> ====================================================
> drop table t1;
> create table t1 (f1 CHAR(5), f2 VARCHAR(5), f3 char(20),
>                 key(f1), key(f2), key(f1,f2,f3)) engine=falcon;
> insert into t1 values ('B', 'B', 'B');
> insert into t1 values ('A', 'A', 'A');
> insert into t1 values (0x00000240, 0x00000240, 'oh-oh-two-A');
> insert into t1 values (0x00000202, 0x00000202, 'oh-oh-two-two');
> insert into t1 values (0x000002, 0x000002, 'oh-oh-two-space');
> insert into t1 values (0x0041, 0x0041, 'oh-B');
> insert into t1 values (0x0002, 0x0002, 'oh-two');
> insert into t1 values (0x0001, 0x0001, 'oh-one');
> insert into t1 values (0x00, 0x00, 'oh-space');
> insert into t1 values ('', '', 'none');
> insert into t1 values (null, null, 'null');
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f1;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f1 limit 9;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f2;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f2 limit 9;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f1,f2,f3 ;
> select f1, hex(f1), f2, hex(f2), f3 from t1 order by f1,f2,f3 limit  
> 9 ;
> ================================================
> Kevin Lewis
> Falcon Team Lead
> Bug Database wrote:
>> Updated by:           Kevin Lewis
>> Reported by:          Peter Gulutzan
>> Category:             Server: Falcon
>> Severity:             S3 (Non-critical)
>> -Status:               Patch pending
>> +Status:               Patch approved
>> Changeset:  
>> Version:              5.1.13-falcon-alpha-pb-debug
>> OS:                   Linux
>> OS Details:           SUSE 10.0 / 64-bit
>> Target Version:       6.0
>> Defect Class:         D2 (Serious)
>> Assigned To:          Lars-Erik Bjørk
>> Priority:             P4 (Low)
>> Workaround Viability: W1 (None)
>> Impact:               I4 (Minimal)
>> Verifier:             Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz
>> +Reviewer:             Kevin Lewis [done]
>> Lead:                 Kevin Lewis
>> Internal Tags:        CHECKED
>> Triage:               Triaged
>> [20 Feb 22:14] Kevin Lewis <klewis@stripped>
>> Looks like a good soluition and the code looks good.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [20 Feb 13:12] Bugs System
>> A patch for this bug has been committed. After review, it may
>> be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next
>> version. You can access the patch from:
>> 3030 lars-erik.bjork@stripped	2009-02-20
>>      This is a patch for bug#23692 (Falcon: searches fail if data is
>> 0x00)
>>            The solution is to append a pad key to the upper        
>> bound search key, if its last character is equal
>>      to or greater than the pad character. This is done
>>      In order to make it position after all values with        
>> trailing characters lower than the pad character.
>>            For fields with a collation registered
>>      [if (field->collation)], there is no efficient way
>>      of checking if the last character is equal or greater
>>      than the pad character, without iterating through the
>>      entire key from the beginning.
>>            I have discussed this with Alexander Barkov who suggests
>>      to always pad the upper bound search key in these cases,
>>      and to pad it to the length of the key, instead of        
>> appending just a single character. This way I can use the
>>      existing cs->coll->strnxfrm function.
>>            In the other cases, I have checked on the last byte and
>>      appended 0x20 if the byte was >= 0x20.
>>            I have also added one more parameter to the makeKey  
>> methods
>>      to say that this is a highKey.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [12 Oct 2008 15:48] *PRIVATE* Omer BarNir <omer.barnir@stripped>
>> triage: setting tag to CHECKED
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [26 Sep 2008 19:00] John H. Embretsen <john.embretsen@stripped>
>> Test result file associated with the attached falcon_bug_23692.test.
>> Attachment: falcon_bug_23692.result (application/octet-stream),  
>> 1543 bytes.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [26 Sep 2008 18:59] John H. Embretsen <john.embretsen@stripped>
>> Test case for this bug. Moved from falcon_team suite. Will fail until
>> bug is fixed.
>> Attachment: falcon_bug_23692.test (application/octet-stream), 1423  
>> bytes.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [27 Jun 2008 0:01] Kevin Lewis <klewis@stripped>
>> Another character-set related bug.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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