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From:John H. Embretsen Date:February 10 2009 10:23pm
Subject:New test for unbounded tablespace growth (bug 41870)
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(was: Re: bzr commit into mysql-6.0-falcon-team branch

A new version of this test is now available for review at

The test is related to the issue of unbounded tablespace growth when
doing BLOB operations (updating the same BLOB multiple times) and
schedule-based scavenging.

The test updates the same BLOB record (1 MB) 50 times in a row and
measures the size of the falcon_user.fts tablespace file before and after.
"Unbounded tablespace growth when updating BLOB record"
"Unacceptable tablespace growth when doing rapid BLOB updates"

I have test-driven the test on Windows Server 2008, Solaris 10 x86 and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, no issues seen.

Note that when not including the 'scavenge-every-5-seconds' setting (or
if the scavenger does not adhere to this setting) the test will fail
(tablespace growth is as large as or larger than the total amount of
updated BLOB data).

Let me know if there is something I should change or if there is a
reason not to push this.



Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:
>>> A file named 'MYSQL_TEST_DIR/include/UnicodeData.txt' does not work
>> very
>>> well on Windows.
>> Good point, I will modify the test accordingly. However, I also use a
>> file to temporarily store the size of the tablespace, so I need to work
>> out a solution for that as well. The solution would probably be either
>>  a) do some file path separator trickery if on Windows
>>  b) disable the test on Windows

> John and Kevin,
> Perl  should be ok with '/' as path separator. MySQL does only officially
> allow '/' as path separator. There are several tests in the test suite that
> use external files, and if I remember correctly they all use '/' as path
> separator.

P.S. Vlad was right, this works well on Windows, at least the newer
versions of the OS.