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From:Kevin Lewis Date:February 4 2009 10:39pm
Subject:January Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 57 bugs in January and fixed or otherwise
reclassified 50 bugs.


Commentary for January, 2009

     * Good News - This was the most productive month ever by Falcon 
engineers (if we limit the definition of productivity to bug counts, 
which is pure tunnel vision). Nevertheless,  39 Bugs were fixed and 
another 11 were reclassified as Can't Repeat, Duplicate, Closed or 
NotABug. Kevin fixed 15 bugs, many of which were related to the 
improvements to the Scavenger that he pushed this month. Vlad fixed 10 
Bugs, 5 of them were related to recovery. Chris fixed 7 bugs in a 
variety of areas.
     * Bad news - Unfortunately, this month also had the most bugs ever 
verified against Falcon. 77% of these (44 of 57) were reported by Falcon 
team members. 26% (15 of 57) were opened by Falcon engineers as they dug 
deeper into the code. Philip opened a record 19 bugs against Falcon this 
month as he put the Random Query Generator into overdrive. He made a 
number of enhancements to it as he tried out more and more combinations 
of query and reporting types.
     * Many new bugs were exposed by the new scavenger in combination 
with the new transaction dependency management code.  A couple of them 
were mistakes in the scavenger code, but a large number were existing 
concurrency bugs that were exposed by the more frequent scavenger 
activity.  Exact numbers are not known.
     * The active bug count went up by 7 but the BETA Bug count went 
down by 4. The beta bug count was made at 12:01 on February 1 and many 
verified bugs were not triaged at that time. In hindsight, waiting a 
week for the triage process to take place, the BETA bug count probably 
would went up in January.
     * Of the 57 new bugs reported, 13(23%) were reported by folks 
outside the Falcon group. Verified bugs were reported by; Philip=19, 
Olav=5, John=5, Hakan=4, Vlad=4, Kevin=3, Nidhi=3, Callaghan=2, 
Ranger=2, PeterG=1, Chris=1, Dmitri=1, Kelly=1, Lars-Erik=1, Mattias=1, 
Petrunia=1, Shane=1, Sveta=1, Svoj=1
     * At least 66% (38 out of 57) of bugs verified in January were 
triaged as Beta bugs. 4 verified bugs are still not triaged. This high 
percentage will keep us from reaching Beta in the next several months.
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