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From:Kevin Lewis Date:January 29 2009 5:10pm
Subject:December Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 23 bugs in December and fixed or otherwise 
reclassified 28 bugs.


High-level view and commentary for December;

* The active and BETA Bug list went down by 3.
* Another slow month due to the holidays and vacations taken by all.
* Of the 23 new bugs reported, 8 were reported by folks outside the 
Falcon group (not counting Philip) Philip=4, Hakan=4, Sven=4, Kevin=3, 
Olav=2, John=2, Vermund=1, Rafal=1, PeterG=1, Allan Packer=1
* (10 out of 23, or only 42%% of bugs reported were triaged as Beta 
bugs.  This is encouraging if the trend continues.
* The Beta bug count (41) went down.  The triage team has done all 
previous bugs and are never more than a week behi

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