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From:Christopher Powers Date:January 28 2009 3:34am
Subject:The Reluctant Scavenger
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I'm running the testcase for Bug #36442. What do you make of this?

Cycle=3157  Base Generation=1  Scavenge Generation=0
Cycle=3157  Oldest Active Transaction=6514
Cycle=3157  Threshold=175636480  Floor=87818240  Now=177545672
Cycle=3157  Age=1  Size=177543696
Cycle=3157  Very Old Records=0 Size=0
Cycle=3157  Inventory; Total records=296226 containing 177545936 bytes
Cycle=3157  Inventory; Pruneable records=3 containing 1104 bytes
Cycle=3157  Inventory; Retireable records=296215 containing 177541392 bytes
Cycle=3157  Inventory; unScavengeable records=8 containing 3440 bytes
Cycle=3157  Results; Pruned 3 records, 1104 bytes in 1 seconds
Cycle=3157  Results; Retired 0 records, 0 bytes in 0 seconds
Cycle=3157  Results; Remaining 296223 Records, 177544832 remaining bytes
Cycle=3157  Results; Active memory at Scavenge Start=177545688
Cycle=3157  Results; Active memory after Pruning Records=177544840
Cycle=3157  Results; Active memory after Retiring Records=177545672

The Reluctant ScavengerChristopher Powers28 Jan
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