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From:Kevin Lewis Date:January 21 2009 5:09pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-6.0-falcon-team branch (kevin.lewis:2969)
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Thanks for  the feedback.  I will fix the test accordingly.

>> +# Create a table to control scavenge cycles.
>> +# The new scavenger will scavenge for every (250Mb / 50) = 5Mb of record data.
> Just out of curiosity: why 50? Where does that number originate from?

The previous scavenger used 20 age groups, or 250 / 20.  I wanted better 
accuracy in how much the scavenger would scavenge, so that we would be 
able to push the scavenge threshold up to 90% or higher, and so it would 
run more often.  So I chose 50, or 2% of cache for the age group size 
instead of 5%.