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From:Christopher Powers Date:January 14 2009 6:04am
Subject:Scavenger vs DDL
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I'm testing the latest ONLINE ALTER changes against Bug#35755, "Cannot 
create index on Falcon table (record memory exhausted)".

This is a load of 10 million records followed by a create index. The 
create index always fails while populating the index because of 
exhausted record memory. This happens regardless of cache size, up to 1G.

Of course, all DDL operations hold an exclusive lock on syncSysDDL, but 
the scavenger also gets a shared lock on syncSysDDL in 
updateCardinalities(). This means that no scavenging can occur during 
DDL operations.

Why not run updateCardinalities() as a separate, scheduled process? Is 
it imperative that it immediately precede a scavenge?


Scavenger vs DDLChristopher Powers14 Jan
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