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From:Lars-Erik Bjørk Date:December 19 2008 10:32am
Subject:Fix for bug#41582
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Hi all!

I have a fix for the decimal/numeric bug 41582.

As explained in the reference manual [1], decimals are stored using a  
binary format that packs nine decimal digits into four bytes, where  
any leftover digits require some fraction of four bytes.

In StorageDatabase::getSegmentValue (yes, this method again(!)) we do  
a check on the precision, to see if the value is big enough to need  
special treatment:

        else if (field->precision < 19 && field->scale == 0)
             int64 number = (signed char) (*ptr++ ^ 0x80);

             for (int n = 1; n < length; ++n)
                 number = (number << 8) | *ptr++;

             if (number < 0)

             BigInt bigInt;
             ScaledBinary::getBigIntFromBinaryDecimal((const char*)  
ptr, field->precision, field->scale, &bigInt);


This test is obviously wrong., what we want to test for is:

else if (field->precision <= 9 && field->scale == 0)

This will fix the problem.

Even better, we can avoid the test all together and treat all decimal  
keys as if they *may* have a precision greater than 9. This way there  
will be less code and we can avoid a cluttering 'if'. However, this  
will result in an additional function call or more (see the else  
clause above).

What do you think? Am I allowed to remove the entire 'else if'?   :)

Btw, when I am done with the fix for bug#40607, there will be some  
more rewrite in this area as well, but that is a different bug ...


[1]  -

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