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From:Philip Stoev Date:December 9 2008 5:24pm
Subject:Re: Memory, Falcon, and $$$
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I totally understand your argument, however you are buying bulk generic 
memory. You also bought whitebox machines when you bought the servers 
themselves for less than $2000 each. Unfortunately the economics is a bit 
different in the corporate world. People still have very expensive 80gig 
SCSI RAID arrays out there.

The cheapest Xeon server Sun sells retails for $3,435.28 with 4 GB of 
memory, about twice as much as a simularily-configured whitebox server. The 
next 8GB of memory costs USD $600 (six hundred united states currency).

I totally agree that we should not make any sacrifices in order to have 
Falcon perform well in 32Mb. However, I am not sure if any of those outcomes 
are acceptable:
* Refusing to execute a query that Innodb would execute and error with an 
out-of-memory condition;
* Experience a performance degradation worse than one that would happen due 
to OS trashing;
* Crash or unable to recover;

Philip Stoev

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Subject: Memory, Falcon, and $$$

>I took delivery of 40 GB of ECC memory for my cloud.  Excluding tax, the 
>total cost was $420 plus tax, or $10.50 per GB (shipping was free).
> This is a question that everyone should ask himself or herself regularly: 
> Would our users be willing to spend an extra $50 per server for a faster 
> database?  How can we use memory better to improve performance.  And, does 
> it make sense to sacrifice adequate memory performance to work in low 
> memory situations?
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