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From:Kevin Lewis Date:December 8 2008 8:29pm
Subject:Are multiple serial logs feasible or profitable?
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One of our community testers has noticed that changing
innodb_log_files_in_group from 2 to 6 gives dbt2 ~8%
gain with 10 warehouses and 32 connections.
It gives a hint that there is an optimization opportunity
on a single serial log for Falcon which has lots of
syncWrite contention, from SerialLog::flush,
SRLUpdateIndex::append, and SRLUpdateRecords::append.

 >Ann Harrison noted;
 >One important aspect of the Serial Log is that it is
 >*serial* - events are logged in the order they occur.
 >It may be possible to maintain that property while
 > writing to two different files in parallel, but it
 > will certainly complicate managing the log.
 >We need to find another way to reduce contention.

Another way to reduce contention would be good to find, but I want to 
explore a little more how difficult multiple serial logs would be.

The guts of the changes in a repeatable-read transaction can be 
separated from the guts of another transaction as long as the order of 
completion is known and the recovery applies changes for several 
transactions back in that transaction completion order.  If there were a 
central ordered serial log that contains commit messages and several 
other serial logs that contain several transactions (each transaction is 
dedicated to a particular log, then the 'guts' log would need to be 
flushed before the central log.  That is two flushes instead of one!

The other alternative I can think of is to flush the Transaction commit 
message with the rest of its 'guts' to the same log, but add to it the 
end transaction event that Olav is implementing in the new dependency 
manager.  The recovery thread would need to juggle all these logs in 
order to replay the transactions in order.

However, the changes to concurrent read-committed transactions must be 
replayed in the exact same order at the physical change level.  I do not 
know how to separate the guts of read-committed transaction into several 

Ideas and comments welcome.

Kevin Lewis
Falcon Team Lead

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