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From:Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz Date:December 5 2008 11:46am
Subject:Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-12-05
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Dear Falcon fellows,

since my last report we fixed around 3 bugs and we have
2 new tests!

The full test overview is located at:

Revision used:
revno: 2926
revision-id: hky@stripped
parent: hky@stripped
committer: Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz 
branch nick: mysql-6.0-falcon-to-merge
timestamp: Thu 2008-12-04 17:03:35 +0100

Good news of the week:
Concerns of the week.
   - win64 our Windows 2003 running in VMware does not shut
   down via automated script.
   - esslingen did not run WFTO, which means that we are missing the
   Mac OS X/PPC results (again).
   - We have five tests failing on Mac OS X/PPC due to date
   bug, which is a regression.
   - I am still not able to include my Solaris 9/SPARC workstation
   into WFTO due to

News for this week:
* Christopher Powers fixed
  o Bug#40994 Regression: can't create unique index on NOT NULL column if engine is falcon

* Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz fixed
  o Bug#41231 falcon.falcon_bug_22181 test does not clean up after itself

* Sergey Vojtovich fixed
  o Bug#39456 Falcon: assertion (false) failed at line 258 in file RecordLocatorPage.cpp

Changes in Weekly Falcon Test Overview.

This week's results:
 walldorf debug:   Failed 6/230, 97.39% were successful.
 walldorf opt:     Failed 7/230, 96.96% were successful.
 ubuntu32x2 debug: Failed 7/221, 96.83% were successful.
 ubuntu32x2 opt:   Failed 6/220, 97.27% were successful.
 win64 debug:      Failed 5/221, 97.74% were successful.
 win64 opt:        Failed 5/220, 97.73% were successful.
 esslingen debug:  Failed 0/1,  100.00% were successful.
 esslingen opt:    Failed 0/1,  100.00% were successful.

Test observations:
   - New tests: 2 new tests.

   - The test suite was run like:
   ./ --enable-disabled ---force --skip-ndb 
   walldorf additionally runs
   ./ --enable-disabled ---force --skip-ndb
--suite=falcon,falcon_team \
   --big-test --suite-timeout=6360 --testcase-timeout=30 --do-test=.*-big

Future plans:
  - As new platforms for WFTO I plan Solaris 10/Intel 64-bit,
  and Solaris 9/SPARC (not in particular order).

Notes on the machines used:
   - Real machines have city names.
   - Virtual machines (VMware) have this naming scheme:
   <distribution|operating system><bits>x<CPUs>

   - walldorf: main machine running also VMware. Dell dual DualCore,
   8GB RAM, 15k SAS RAID 10 storage. RHEL5.
   - esslingen: Mac Cube G4, PPC 450MHz., 1 GB RAM. Mac OS X 10.4.

Best regards,


Hakan Küçükyılmaz, Senior Software Engineer DBTG/MySQL +49 160
Sun Microsystems GmbH     Sonnenallee 1, DE-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
Geschaeftsfuehrer:  Thomas Schroeder, Wolfang Engels, Dr. Roland Boemer
Vorsitz d. Aufs.rat.: Martin Haering   HRB MUC 161028     49.011, 8.376

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