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From:Christopher Powers Date:December 3 2008 4:06pm
Subject:Re: Falcon internal SQL
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Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Chris,
>> Specifically, I want to do this:
>> "UPGRADE TABLE "TEST"."T1" ( "S1" int, "S2" int, "S3" int,  key 
>> ("S1"),  key ("S2"))"
>> I could modify SQLParse to support this syntax, if necessary.
> That syntax is a non-standard MySQL extension.  It's not in the Falcon
> parser because we'd never heard of it when the parser was done.
That's fine. I was trying to simplify the online ALTER code using 
UPGRADE TABLE, which handles columns and primary keys very nicely but 
otherwise ignores indexes. UPGRADE INDEX only handles one index at a time.

>   By
> the way, why are you quoting all the names?
I just cut/pasted the assembled SQL string from the debugger.
> Best,
> Ann

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