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From:Olav Sandstaa Date:December 3 2008 9:18am
Subject:Request for review: New dependency manager - patch 0
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[Sorry to those who have gotten an almost identical email about this 
I have now run this patch in pushbuild and think it is ready for an 
official review.
Thanks to Kevin who already have provided feedback on the patch. His 
will be included in follow-up patches.]

I have committed the initial implementation of a new transaction
dependency manager for Falcon. The patch is available here:

I have opened a worklog for the new dependency manager. This currently
only contains a high-level description of the dependency manager but
should still be read before reading the patch:

The patch includes the basic implementation of the new dependency
manager. I have tried to not do too much changes in how it is used. It
should be fully functional and hopefully both correct and
robust. Still there are some changes and optimizations that I plan to
commit in separate patches.

A description of the patch:

New datastructures (three new integers):

1. The transaction manager has gotten a "transition event counter" 
(named transitionEventSequence). This is incremented each time a 
transaction either starts or commits (not for rollback).

2. The transaction object have gotten two new members. startEvent and 
commitEvent. These are assigned values from the transictionEventSequence 
when the transaction starts and when it commits.

These replace the old transaction manager's states array and
dependencies counter.

Handling of read-only transaction:

Much of the complexity of the old dependency manager was caused due to
having to optimize for read-only transactions. This will be much
simpler with the new dependency manager since there is no data
structures "pointing between transactions". Still, in this patch the
optimization for read-only transactions is not included and all
transaction goes through the regular commit code path (which is good
for testing of it).

Thus: Transaction::commitNoUpdate() is currently not called.

Transaction::commitRecords and removal of transaction objects:

Calling Transaction::commitRecords and checking for deleting of old
transaction objects was done at least 4-5 places in the old
implementation. In the new implementation this is done in only one
place (I think). The only place this is done now is in
TransactionManager::purgeTransaction() which is run by the scavenger
thread. The reason for having it in purgeTransaction() is that this is
also the place where the old dependency manager had a similar test. I
plan to move this to Transaction::commit() in the next patch (if it
does not have negative effect on performance to do this check on every

Comment: several of the existing places where the old dependency
manager called Transaction::commitRecords is still in the code, but
just commented out. Some of them might be re-enabled if we think that
this would seriously help on getting "rid of" record versions much
earlier. Some of these will likely just be deleted since I do not
think they every was called (e.g. Transaction::commit() is unlikely to
call commitRecords() I guess, but I will test it).

Transaction::visible() and Transaction::getRelativeState()

These have been updated to use the new dependency manager for
determining the correct state for transactions.


This still reports information about number of dependencies (equal to
zero). I did not remove this yet because this required some changes to
the information schema definiiton for this (I think). Will be removed
in a follow-up patch.

Question: Do we want to include information about the start and commit
event for transactions in this table?

Debug code:

I have left a few lines of debug code that traces the number of
allocated and deleted transaction objects. This code will eventually be 
removed but I have left them in in order to
detect whether there are any memory leaks introduced during this work.

Best regards,
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