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From:Kevin Lewis Date:December 2 2008 8:40pm
Subject:November Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 24 bugs in October and fixed or otherwise 
reclassified 28 bugs.


High-level view and commentary for November;

*  The active Bug list went down by 2. We fixed and reclassified 4 more 
than were verified.
* Fewer bugs were reported, only 24. Philip was busy with other tasks 
including 6.0.8 testing. And the Falcon team was busy with time 
consuming tasks like replacing the transaction dependency management 
code (Olav), improving the scavenger process (Kevin)
* Bug were reported mostly by Falcon folks again; ChrisPowers=5, 
Hakan=4, Olav=3, Sven=3, John=2, Philip=2, Vlad=2, Ranger=1, Kevin=1, 
Lars-Erik=1, Danny=1
* 66%% of bugs reported were triaged as Beta bugs again. This will keep 
us from reaching a Beta status unless this classification relaxes a 
little bit.
* The Beta bug count (44) went up even though we fixed and reclassified 
17 while only 16 new bugs got that classification. This means that the 
triage process is still catching up a little.
* Chris fixed 5 more bugs related to Chilling and Thawing of records. 
This tricky code is now very stable. However there is still one problem 
* Vacation days were taken in the US for Thanksgiving and Olav took a 
couple weeks off
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