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From:Vladislav Vaintroub Date:November 22 2008 3:24pm
Subject:RE: Request for review bug#40614
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Lars-Erik, I like the comments and test-case very impressive. Very good:)

There is one subtlety though. Unlike in math, relying on difference between
values when making comparisons does not always work, specifically in corner
cases, where difference would overflow the range for the data type.

Illustration is the program below. It will incorrectly think that
INT_MAX(==2147483647) < INT_MIN(-2147483648) and assert ,because INT_MAX -
INT_MIN is -1.

#include <limits.h>
#include <assert.h>

int compare(int a, int b)
	return (a-b);

int main(int argc, char argv[])
	int result = compare(INT_MAX,INT_MIN);
	assert(result > 0);
	return 0;

I propose move away from computing difference and consistently do something

 if (a < b)
   return -1;
 if (a > b)
   return 1;
 return 0;

for all datatypes instead.

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> Hi all,
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> Have a nice weekend!
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