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From:John Embretsen Date:November 17 2008 1:56pm
Subject:[REVIEW] First batch of Falcon wrappers for replication tests
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I have implemented a first batch of Falcon-specific wrappers around
existing "engine-independent" replication tests in the rpl test suite
(based on advice from the replication team).

Patch is available for review here:

(Silence will be interpreted as "OK to push".)

With the patch applied, the default test suite (which includes these
tests) ran cleanly on my Linux test host.

Global commit message is included below for those of you who are tired
of clicking:

--- commit-message start ---
Falcon wrappers for 'engine-independent' replication tests (first batch).
Adding 6 new Falcon-specific wrappers to the rpl test suite:


Falcon wrappers are based on existing test wrappers for InnoDB and MyISAM.
Note that Falcon does not support statement-based replicaton. This is
accounted for in these test wrappers.
Test results verified by comparing to corresponding innodb and myisam
--- commit-message end ---

(Request for review also sent to internal mailing list for the
replication development team)

NOTE: Once this (if pushed) is merged into the mysql-6.0-rpl branch
(or vice versa) some of the tests need to be updated due to changes in
the rpl branch that have not been merged into 6.0 main:

 - Fix for Bug#38350 (Many tests don't clean up after themselves on exit.)
 - (e: "extending SHOW SLAVE STATUS
with a new line listing ignored servers")

The attached patch (falcon-rpl-testresult-fix-for-merge.diff) should fix
the merge issues identified above.


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[REVIEW] First batch of Falcon wrappers for replication testsJohn Embretsen17 Nov