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From:Vladislav Vaintroub Date:November 5 2008 9:23pm
Subject:RE: deadlock between Falcon logging and server logging
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Ann , you can get much more insight into what actually happens and get rid
of unresolved hexadecimals and have readable function names from C runtime
and ntdll, if you setup the symbols server to download PDBs from Microsofts
repository as  described here:

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> Subject: deadlock between Falcon logging and server logging
> The attached file (assuming it doesn't get stripped) is the "deadlock"
> I found last week between the Falcon logging system and the server
> logging.  The situation was completely trivial.  I had two connections,
> each with an active transaction.  Both were using a single table with
> three or four simple records.  One attempted to commit, and the server
> froze.
> The problem is between threads 1504, 3640, and 784.
> 784 is in Log::logMessage, trying to write out its commit message. It
> can't get the critical section because
> 3640 has the critical section and is trying to execute an _unlock after
> having written out scavenge statistics.  It can't move because
> 1504 is finishing an fflush and trying to _unlock_file after a server
> write.
> The attached file may have better formatting, given the wrap induced by
> Thunderbird.
> What I think we need to do is figure out how InnoDB writes its messages
> and use that.
> Best,
> Ann

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