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From:Kevin Lewis Date:November 5 2008 4:35am
Subject:Re: September Bug Report for Falcon
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The Falcon Team verified 39 bugs in October and fixed or otherwise 
reclassified 36 bugs.


High-level view for October;

     * The active bug list went up by 3, from 85 to 88.
     * There were 39 new bugs instead of the expected 30 per month.
     * Very little vacation time was taken.
     * Chris fixed 6 bugs related to chilling and thawing records with 
two changesets. But a lot of work went into them.
     * Not shown in the chart are 10 bugs that were not yet verified 
(Analyzing & No Feedback) but were reclassified as Can't Repeat or Closed.
     * BETA bugs count went up by 26 because the triage team evaluated 
most of the existing bugs. From now on, they willbe triaging the new bugs.
     * 65% of bugs fixed were BETA bugs. But many of those bugs were 
triaged after the fix.
     * Bugs opened by Philip=9, Sven=6, ChrisPowers=5, Ranger=3, 
Kevin=3, John=2, Olav=2, Ann=2, Alik=1, ChrisCalender=1, Hakan=1, 
Hema=1, PeterG=1, Xiang=1, Xuekun=1 >

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