Threads for Mar 2004

list issues overviewmessageJ. Steinbachs30 Mar
How do you configure Issue Reminders?messageTodd.Morgan23 Mar
Direct display of issues for users belonging to multiple projectswhilst being logged in to another projectmessagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan22 Mar
Direct display of issues for users belonging to multiple projects whilstbeing logged in to another projectmessageTodd.Morgan22 Mar
associated emails, attachmentsmessageJ. Steinbachs17 Mar
internal notes emailsmessagesJ. Steinbachs, Joao Prado Maia17 Mar
Resolution field availability patch timeframemessagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan14 Mar
time-out bugmessageJ. Steinbachs13 Mar
Feature Request - Summary Page for Multiple projects, plan or road-map for eventum featuresmessagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan12 Mar
How do you resolve (resolution) an issue - there doesn't appear to beany UI controls to affect this change.messagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan7 Mar
unable to select any status for "change status to" on an issue pagemessagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan5 Mar
haw to change priority field valuesmessagesJoao Prado Maia, marcin.slusarczyk2 Mar
Unable to create an issue on a fresh system from eventum-nightly-20040213.tar.gzmessagesJoao Prado Maia, Todd.Morgan1 Mar