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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:March 7 2005 2:16pm
Subject:RE: email processing
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> I'm currently evaluating, configuring Eventum and sincere 
> congratulations
> to the developers for a great product are certainly in order. This not
> just seems to work well and have tremendous functionality but 
> also has a
> clean very functional user interface and an equally clean code.

I'm glad you like Eventum. Tell you friends!

> My current eventum install is on a machine where I can't schedule cron
> jobs - is my assumption correct that I should be able to 
> trigger the email
> functionality by just calling the page
> http/..../eventum/misc/process_mail_queue.php ? Any 
> parameters I'd need to
> provide in the http request to do so ?

Yes and no. You could call that script from a web browser, but you need
to pass some parameters to it. However, the script doesn't grok $_GET
parameters, so that will not work. Your best bet for now will be to hack
the source and set the parameters manually.

We will have this fixed in 1.5.1, where you will be able to pass $_GET


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