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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:March 2 2005 3:12pm
Subject:RE: More comments / suggestions
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> 1) Clicking the "Reply" button on the ticket's view.php page 
> allows you 
> to send an email, but there is no subsequent record of that 
> email in the 
> ticket.  (And there may be some cases where it isn't 
> delivered at all; 
> I'm not sure about that yet.)  Shouldn't it show up in the 
> "Associated 
> emails" section?

Yes, this was fixed in 1.5. The bug was really that the "Reply" button
was being displayed at all. It's a long story, but that button is only
supposed to be displayed if you have an email account setup, and the
email integration feature is enabled.

> 3) Replies to system-generated emails continue to give me 
> fits.  It does 
> work better if the auto-creation feature is disabled, allowing me to 
> associate them by hand, but that really shouldn't be necessary.

Indeed. I know the cause of this and I need to fix this problem on

> 1)  Weighted Priorities / Multi-Column Sort
> I previously suggested that priorities be assigned an 
> editable numerical 
> value ("score") and sorted according to that value.  I would like to 
> extend this suggestion to allow priority "adjustment" by the Category 
> and Status fields, so that sorting on priority is actually sorting on 
> (pri_score_baseline + cat_score_mod + stat_score_mod).

I'm not sure there will be a lot of people that would want this sort of
feature. And the real problem here is usability -- I bet most end-users
would get pretty confused to see "Critical" showing up above "High" in
some cases, and below in some other ones. They expect those values to
sort in the "right" way.

> 2) A quick search option for "this priority and higher 
> priorities."  IE, 
> suppose the user has urgent, high, medium, low, zero for 
> priorities, and 
> wants to see all the urgent and high priority issues.

This makes sense. Patches are welcome :)

> 3) In the Internal Notes section of view.php, the "delete" option is 
> listed next to the person's name.  This makes it look like 
> you want to 
> delete the person (how mean!) rather than delete the note.  In my 
> opinion, this should move to be next to "convert note."

I see your point, but we display this link by the side of the name of
the person on other tools as well. And since nobody else complained
about this, I'm going to assume this is a not a problem.

> 4) Currently there are a couple of "quickie" options on the view.php 
> page: "Change Status To" and "Assign Issue to Myself."  I 
> would love to 
> see some or all of the following additional options:
> - "Change Priority To"
> - "Change Category To"
> - "Unassign this Issue" (only if the existing unassigned 
> issue option is 
> enabled)
> - "Notify Me" (only if I'm not already on the notification list)

My concern with this is that if we add too many "quickie" buttons in
there, it will get pretty awkward to use.

And by the way, we do have "Unassign this issue" in there already.

> 5) If the unassigned issue option is enabled, then clicking 
> "Assign >" 
> on the list.php page with a blank option selected should unassigned 
> checked issues.  Currently it gives an error.

Yes, but the button says "Assign", but what you are doing is
un-assigning the issues. That sounds pretty confusing to me.

> 6) On the ubiquitous navigation bar at the top, there is an 
> "Associate 
> Emails" option.  It would be great if this option were bolded or a 
> different color if there were emails pending association (and the 
> logged-in person has the ability to do so).

I recently developed a "Dashboard" feature internally, which I plan to
eventually merge into Eventum+GPL, which should give you what you want
here -- a simple to use web notification of what needs to be done.

> 7) I set up some people as users in the system for notification 
> purposes.  I have no expectation that they will ever log in to the 
> system.  One of them had "Notify on all issues" set to yes, 
> and I ended 
> up editing the user table to change it.  It would be nice if the 
> users.php?cat=edit page could alter some user preferences, or 
> if there 
> were some way for the administrator to bring up other users' 
> preferences.php page.
> 8) On the main.php page, it would be nice if there were an option to 
> disregard closed issues for the purposes of generating the graphs.

I agree. Patches are welcome on these.

> 9) I admit I'm slow, but it took me forever to figure out that 
> bookmarking doesn't work with the 
> auto-login option, but bookmarking 
> does.  It would be nice if the index page could figure out if 
> the user 
> was already logged in and forward them appropriately.

Makes sense. I'll have a look into why this is not already being done.


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