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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:February 28 2005 4:45pm
Subject:RE: Field usage in Issue table
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> I have gotten Eventum setup, along with project definitions 
> for what we want to track. We have legacy data that I am 
> supposed to map and move into the Eventum database, in order 
> to have it for future reference. As I am mapping out the 
> data, I've noticed a field called iss_impact_analysis that I 
> can't seem to find in any of the web forms for updating. 
> Did I miss this field somewhere and it is available and 
> viewable or is this field being used for something else then 
> what I think it would be. We have an analysis field in our 
> legacy solution that looks like something I would map to this 
> field, but since it isn't currently viewable, I'll probably 
> map it to the Notes fields, in order to get this import done.

Sorry for the delay in answering your question.

The iss_impact_analysis field is associated with a feature in Eventum
that has been disabled for a long time. It's basically a similar feature
like "internal notes" or "time tracking", in that it is simply another
issue-related dataset.

You would need to add the following lines to view.tpl.html in order for
it to even be displayed on Eventum:

  {include file="impact_analysis.tpl.html"}
  {include file="top_link.tpl.html"}

Again, if you add these lines, I'm not sure if this feature will even
work properly since it's been so long it has been unmaintained. Any
patches are welcome on this.


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