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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:February 16 2005 11:02pm
Subject:RE: Repeating email error message
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> The problem was caused because at one point, I misspelled the 
> domain name in
> the above email address.  I entered it as  It 
> should have been
>   I have since fixed this and email is working 
> fine.  The
> problem is I keep getting an email concerning the same 20 
> messages.  Is
> there a flag in the db I can change or a table I can update 
> to stop these
> messages?  I tried setting the email status to 'sent' for all 
> emails in the
> eventum mail queue table but that doesn't seem to help.

Setting the emails to the 'sent' status should clear this problem. If you are
still receiving those error messages, then are you really sure that you fixed
the email address on your Eventum user? Maybe the email is set to the wrong
domain on the SMTP settings under "Administration -> General Setup".


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