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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:February 16 2005 9:34pm
Subject:RE: Eventum 1.4 on Windows XP issues
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>  Is there a graceful way to get the mail queue to process under Win32?

You should be able to create a scheduled task on Windows XP, and have that task
call a batch file or something, which in turn would call the mail queue process

>  Also, I've noticed that execution of process_mail_queue.php 
> causes a 0-byte
> file to be created in my temp dir with the name 
> sess_<PHPSESSID> and no file
> extension. (example: sess_cbe0b8d08cf6d741eb2b76f506289ead) 
> Is this supposed
> to happen? Does it ever have any content? Is it possible to 
> disable their
> creation? When you're running it every minute, the files 
> create a bit of a
> clutter :)

This is simply PHP creating a session file, and you can ignore that. PHP is
supposed to remove those files every so often.

>  Lastly, for some reason, not all issues are showing up for all users.
> Looking at the same project with two different admin users, 
> one can only see
> two issues on the "list issues" page, while the other can see 
> all five.
> (Yes, filtering is off.) Both users see all issues if I go to 
> the "reports"
> section. Any ideas?

Are you sure that they both have the same filtering options? Try removing all
cookies from both browsers, and then check if the problem is still happening.


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