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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 4 2004 3:49pm
Subject:RE: Error when closing tickets (20040604)
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> It seems there are quotes missing from the iss_sta_id field variable which
> is passed from close.php. Since the data passed from close.php
> falls in the
> VARCHAR type SQL will fail if the description/notes field
> contains valid sql
> command characters. There is also a small typo in this snapshot as well on
> line 1014.


It seems like the code you have is slightly old, and not up-to-date with the
bitkeeper repository. I tried reproducing this problem, and closing a test
issue worked fine for me.

Please try downloading a new snapshot tomorrow or even pulling these changes
straight from bitkeeper.


Error when closing tickets (20040604)Andrew Kopp4 Jun
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