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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:January 16 2005 3:18am
Subject:RE: Switching projects in Eventum
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> I can log out of Eventum and log back in, pick a new project 
> and it logs
> me in as the proper project.
> However when I try the "switch" dropdown in the GUI while logged into
> another project and try to switch, it does not switch.
> It says that it worked, while it actually didn't.

Hmm, is this never working, or does it work only for a few pages?

This switch project script is simply trying to re-create a cookie, so this
shouldn't really be breaking like this. If you use Firefox, and this problem
keeps happening, I would recommend doing a debugging session with the help of
the Live HTTP Headers plug-in to see exactly what Eventum is outputting to the


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