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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:January 15 2005 4:43pm
Subject:RE: Updating issues
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Bryan, Parag, 

> Parag Someshwar wrote:
> <snip>
> > I find that a reporter is able to see all issues upon 
> login. Even those 
> > which he has not submitted. In the interest of service, we 
> would like a 
> > reporter to be only able to view issues which he has submitted.
> > 
> > I see that the "eventum_issue" table has a "iss_usr_id" 
> column. I think 
> > it should be a matter of putting in a WHERE clause in the 
> list lookup 
> > query. But I am not able to find out where the code is (PHP 
> has moved on 
> > quite a bit since I last coded using it :-). Could you 
> please point out 
> > where to make the change.
> This actually a feature that will probably be added in the future. In 
> include/class.issue.php, method buildWhereClause() (line 
> 2268) you will 
> see code meant to restrict customers from seeing other 
> customers issues. 
>   If you change the role and the column names there this should 
> accomplish what you are looking for.

Well, actually no, I don't think we should change the behavior of the "reporter"
role just because of this specific case.

If you want to have your customers logging into Eventum and restricting the list
of issues and etc, then use the Customer API and set those users with the
"customer" role. It will basically work like you want.


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