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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:January 15 2005 4:13pm
Subject:RE: Phone calls
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> Don't know if this is a bug or not, but when registering 
> phone calls to an
> issue, for some reason I can't manage to find the "Time spent" field
> anywhere in Eventum, or even in the database for that matter.
> Is this functionality fully implemented?

Yes, the 'time spent' field is used to create a new record on the time tracking
module for that same issue. Is that not working?

> Also, is it planned somewhere (!) in your long list of 
> features to be able
> to register time as "billable" and/or "not billable", or to 
> have a flag for
> the time tracking categories to set them as billable or not billable.

Yes, we have that on our medium-term TODO list.


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