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From:John De Lello Date:January 11 2005 11:27am
Subject:RE: Can't create an issue
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I ran into the same problem when trying out the sample customer class. It
doesn't correctly populate the values list. I had to modify the insert()
method to fix this.

John D 

"Risk everything, or gain nothing"
-Geoffrey De Charny
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Subject: RE: Can't create an issue


> I am getting an error log, as it turns out.  It would appear that the
> problem is due to the iss_usr_id field being empty, but I am 
> selecting a
> user in the pulldown list  (BTW, I did toggle the General 
> Options setting
> called 'Allow Un-assigned Issues'.  I wonder if there could 
> be something
> wrong with that logic...)

I'm guessing you are still trying to develop your own customer backend,
right? The error you are seeing is related to the following piece of code:

        // if we are creating an issue for a customer, put the 
        // main customer contact as the reporter for it
        if (Customer::hasCustomerIntegration($prj_id)) {
            $stmt .= User::getUserIDByContactID($HTTP_POST_VARS['contact'])
. ",";
        } else {
            $stmt .= $usr_id . ",";

On the second case (the else), the error is not likely since $usr_id is the
ID of the currently logged in user. However, if you have the customer
integration enabled for the current project, it will try to use the user ID
of the customer contact chosen on the form.

Be careful when implementing your new customer backend, as lots of things
change whether the customer integration feature is turned on or not, like
exemplified above.


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