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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:January 6 2005 8:32pm
Subject:RE: Issue Resolutions vs. Status
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> I am curious as to what exactly the relationship is between 
> an issue's 
> resolution (custom definable) and it's status?  The default 
> project has 
> for example a resolution of "reopened", but the status would then be 
> "released".  This seems counter intuitive.  I know that you can 
> customise the statuses also, what I would like to know is how 
> these two 
> should be used together in a typical workflow.

The resolution field is supposed to be used to quickly give someone a clue
on the reasons for an issue to be closed. For instance, a "open" resolution
may not make sense in conjunction with a "Closed" status, but it might make
sense for a "Cancelled" or "Killed" status.

Since the lists of statuses and resolutions are dynamic, you can pretty much
customize that to whatever you want.

> Also, is it possible to show the resolution (in my eyes more 
> important 
> that the status) in the item list view?

Why would you consider the resolution more important than the status?
Wouldn't you want to know the 'current' status of your issues?

> PS: Is there any good documentation I can read through to not have to 
> bug people about potentially obvious issues?

Sorry, but the documentation is kind of sparse right now. You can find some
on the online help system, and also on the README / INSTALL files.


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