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From:marcin.slusarczyk Date:December 27 2004 8:15am
Subject:Re: what software is used by
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You can find this bug tracker on php's CVS.

Marcin Slusarczyk

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2004-12-21 21:58

2004-12-21 21:58

Dan Baritchi <Dan.Baritchi@stripped>

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        Subject:        what software is used by


I was wondering what bug tracking software is used by, and if it also available open source?  It 
appears to be the same package used by the PHP project 
( and the PHP PEAR project (

I have been searching the mailing list archive, but didn't find a 
workable answer.  I did find that someone on this list answered "PHP's 
bug tracker", but I don't see a bug tracking package available anywhere 
on the site.


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