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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:December 9 2004 2:29pm
Subject:RE: Routed issues and notes
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> I am just discovering eventum, and it looks really good. The 
> interface is
> really beautiful. Congratulation to the developer!

Tell your friends!

> O The email and notes routing interface looks really what I 
> need, but I
> can't really use it since the email sender is not fixed (i.e. 
> the issue
> number is appended to the prefix). Unfortunately, I don't 
> have the control
> of our email server, so eventum users won't be able to do a 
> simple reply to
> an email. So I think it would be really nice to have this 
> optional. The
> issue number is anyway appended in the subject. Or maybe I did missed
> something?

If you don't or can't use the email/note routing interface, you could simply
rely on the project-based outgoing email address to track those emails. For
instance, emails sent from within Eventum (and a specific project) would be sent
as from a certain address, which you can specify, and then you can use an
address that you have access to. You could have a projectname@stripped address
that is mapped on the server to a IMAP account, so replies to your message are
sent to that IMAP mailbox, and then Eventum can download those messages with a
cron job.

> O I am still not to sure if it is possible to work with 
> sub-project (i.e.
> components in bugzilla). I guess I could use customised field 
> but this field
> can't be used in the search form. Is there any plan to have 
> this feature in
> the future?

Wouldn't that map pretty well to Categories in Eventum?

> O Is it possible to have a copy of the note I am posting? 
> These notes seems
> to not be dispatched to the creator of the note. This is 
> quite confusing,
> specially when you first use eventum and test it...

No, that's not an option, and that's because there is no reason for the sender
to receive a copy of something he did it himself. Why be notified of something
that you did? You already know about what you did ;)

However, other people already asked for this and it is on our roadmap for a
future release of Eventum.


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