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From:Jenn D Date:March 28 2014 6:25pm
Subject:Selecting created dates instead?
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We are using Eventum for recording of customer support calls, but
passively. By this I mean that we record the support calls after they
happen, sometimes weeks later (support calls are part of our job, but only
a minor part and often times occurs during a major task).

When we installed Eventum and started customizing the program, I created a
custom field for start and end date of the support call. This way the
correct dates of when the support call occurred is entered, rather than
relying on the autodate of when the issue was created.

Hopefully I can get guidance one of two things I'm asking:
1) How to change the iss_created_date to be selected rather than autodated?
2) If its easier, how do I modify a report to show issues in a date range
from my custom date filter instead of using the issue created date?


Selecting created dates instead?Jenn D28 Mar