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From:Eric Loyd - SmartVox Date:January 28 2014 11:51pm
Subject:Feature request (or can I do it with Workflows?)
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I find Eventum to be very programmer-centric, but we have adapted it fairly
well to our customer support and sales processes.  One of the things that
irks me is canned responses always overwrite the entire email.  That means
that signatures are lost unless they are included in the canned response,
and there is no way to reference the email that is being responded to
unless you copy it before you apply the canned email response.

I'd like to see the following implemented, or some way to do this within
workflow classes (something I've done a lot of work with for other reasons
but can't find a way to deal with canned email responses).

   1. Canned responses (and I think, all outbound emails) should have a
   final parsing stage that allows for macros within the email to be converted
   to system and issue-specific text (requester name, email, issue number,
   URLs, dates, times, status, anything, really).
   2. Canned responses should have two options:
      1. Keep original text (rather than erase it all and replace it with
      the canned text)
      2. Append the sender's signature just like a normal email
   3. And lastly, I think it would be great if a canned email response
   could automatically change the status as well, since it's likely to be the
   same status for each response, and it saves us humans from having to
   remember to change the status when we use a canned email response.

An example is that we do everything via email with our customers.
Sometimes, they forget to tell us that a ticket can be closed.  So we take
the last email they sent us (or we sent them) and reply saying "is there
anything else we can do or can we close this ticket?" Including the
original email would allow them to know what we're talking about, since
otherwise they probably don't know (some of them have a lot of outstanding
tickets open at any one time).  Being able to switch the status to "pending
close" (one of our added statuses) would let US know that they have been

Eric Loyd
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Feature request (or can I do it with Workflows?)Eric Loyd - SmartVox28 Jan