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From:Jorge Arturo Tijerina Garcia Date:July 11 2012 4:44pm
Subject:Problem Inserting New Users v2.3.3 RC3
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Hi all.


I have installed version 2.3.3 RC3 for testing purpose.

While installing, setup process hangs out for a long time.

After error from IIS saying scripting took too long, I just redirect URL
and shows de log in screen. I logged in without an issue.

But when I tried to create new users into default project, it gives me
this error:


[Wed Jul 11 11:34:31 2012] An error was found on line '1170' of script


The error message passed to us was:


'DB Error: no such field'


A more detailed error message follows:













                 ) VALUES (



                    '2012-07-11 16:34:31',






                 ) [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column 'usr_external_id'
in 'field list']'


A backtrace is available:



  User::insert((array )Array)




I assume the setup script is missing this field.

Can I just add the field to the DB without affecting integrity and




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