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From:Elan Ruusamäe Date:March 10 2012 10:06am
Subject:Re: Eventum upgrade error
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On 11/10/2010 09:40 PM, Michael Mariani wrote:
> Good day!  We have been using Eventum for years and love it!  We were a
> little behind on the versions, so we decided to upgrade form 1.5.5 to most
> current.  Everything was working until 2.0.1 ->  2.1.  When we ran the php
> scripts, it appears they hung.  We turned on debug and re-ran and the error
> below is what we have.  Can anybody tell us what we can do to fix so we can
> keep upgrading to current?
> *Notice*: Constant APP_GETTEXT_MODE already defined in *
> /var/www/html/support/eventum-2.1/include/class.language.php* on line *201*
install gettext extension or do not define APP_GETTEXT_MODE in your 
config, or you can just ignore the error
> *Parse error*: parse error, unexpected '=', expecting ')' in *
> /var/www/html/support/eventum-2.1/include/class.error_handler.php* on line *
> 139*

too old php (php4?) or file corrupted.

if you still have this problem, inform about your php version, and what 
exactly is in that line (include a bit context as well)


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