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From:John D. Trolinger Date:February 9 2012 4:32pm
Subject:Mail stuck in the queue with File size limit exceeded error
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I see lots of requests for help with Eventum mail stuck in the queue.  I 
had this happen a couple of times over the five years of use.   
Workaround for ERROR when running the  process_mail_queue.php      File 
size limit exceeded   So as a workaround I removed the error handling 
code temporarily and ran the process manually.

cd /var/www/help/include
nano class.mail_queue.php
cp class.mail_queue.php class.mail_queue.php.backup

comment out or remove this code

         if (PEAR::isError($res)) {
             // special handling of errors when the mail server is down
             $msg = $res->getMessage();
             $cant_notify = (($status == 'error') || (strstr($msg , 
'unable to connect to smtp server')) || (stristr($msg, 'Failed to 
connect to') !== false$
             Error_Handler::logError(array($msg, $res->getDebugInfo()), 
__FILE__, __LINE__, !$cant_notify);
             return $res;
         } else {
             return true;

clear the lock and manually run the process

cd /var/www/help/misc
/usr/bin/php process_mail_queue.php --fix-lock
/usr/bin/php -q process_mail_queue.php

cd /var/www/help/include
cp class.mail_queue.php.backup class.mail_queue.php

John D. Trolinger
Kerr County Texas IT Manager

Mail stuck in the queue with File size limit exceeded errorJohn D. Trolinger9 Feb