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From:Faisal Siddiqui Date:November 18 2011 6:26am
Subject:RE: Multiple Users Using One Email Address
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Nicholas its great to hear that you are able to create ticket by email, I
tried a lot but no luck yet, can you please guide me how did you do that,
what steps you followed ? I am using 2.3.1 version.

-Faisal Siddiqui
+92 333 228 3797

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From: Nicholas Scott [mailto:scot0357@stripped] 
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Subject: Multiple Users Using One Email Address


I'm trying to setup Eventum as a help desk ticketing system. I am able to
send and receive emails properly. However, my issue is that I want all
outgoing email to be from helpdesk@stripped . For instance when a customer
emails in, a ticket is created and assigned, this is something I've figured
out already. However, when my help desk tech, lets say their email is
djopp@stripped, I do not want their email address to be the outgoing email
address. I want it to be helpdesk@stripped, so the incoming email would
look like:

To: helpdesk@stripped
From: some_customer@stripped

Hi, I am having an issue, can you help me?

And our valiant help desk tech djopp@stripped responds, but his email is
not included int he reply.

To: some_customer@stripped
From: helpdesk@stripped

Yes I can, however you need to tell me the problem.

-- End

I'm having trouble figuring out how to make that happen. I greatly
appreciate any input. Thanks!

Multiple Users Using One Email AddressNicholas Scott17 Nov
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