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From:Faisal Siddiqui Date:October 19 2011 3:58am
Subject:RE: Eventum 2.3.1 Released
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I downloaded 2.3.1 somewhere around feb this year and it had many bugs
(which were not in ver 2.2) I belived since than all those obvious bug would
have fixed (as I saw discussions on those bugs) but either fixes are not
released or not incorporated at all, I downloaded latest version (which is
still 2.3.1, I don't know why) and found all those bugs as is.

Is there any other place from where I can download latest release ?

-Faisal Siddiqui
+92 333 228 3797

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From: Bryan Alsdorf [mailto:bryan@stripped] 
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Subject: Eventum 2.3.1 Released


The latest version of Eventum is now available. This release has many
changes, primarily it fixes a XSS bug on several pages in Eventum. See and for more details

The ChangeLog and more details on the release can be found here:

To upgrade from your current release, please follow the instructions in
docs/UPGRADE. To install a fresh copy, please see docs/INSTALL.

Download the tarball from launchpad here:

Any questions, comments or other feedback is welcome either on this mailing
list (eventum-devel@stripped) or #eventum on Freenode.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program, AB.

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