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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:December 3 2004 7:53am
Subject:RE: smarty.server PHP_SELF
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> I have eventum installed on a private web server sitting behind an SSL
> terminator/Proxy and an LVS.  I use a reverse proxy to send the client
> requests through the lvs to the private server.  I installed 
> it properly
> and all of the text links work fine, but the button links do not, as
> they do not use the correct path.  I did some research and found the
> problem to be the use of smarty.server.PHP_SELF.  I am no 
> programmer so
> I do not know how to correct this but this is what it is doing.  It
> seems the use of this command kicks out the actual rel_url 
> and therefore
> the button links do not work.
> Correct link to application:
> What smarty.server.PHP_SELF when using it as the "action":
> As you can see, it kicks out the monitor for some reason.

Hmm, that doesn't seem like it is the real problem. Can you open
/path-to-eventum/ and tell me what the value is for the

According to your example above, it should look like the following:

@define('APP_RELATIVE_URL', '/monitor/');


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