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From:Faisal Siddiqui Date:February 26 2011 7:28am
Subject:RE: 2.3 to 2.3.1 issue [new thread]
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See my answers below, by the way I am using version 2.3.1

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On 02/24/2011 01:04 PM, Faisal Siddiqui wrote:
> Hi,
> I was using eventum 2.2 for many years, recently I need to install it 
> at a new location so I decided to pick the latest one and found 
> following errors/problems as compare to version 2.2
> 1. In list issues screen if I choose to show All rows (in bottom, 
> adjacent to "Hide closed issue" option) then in version 2.2 it use to 
> remember my setting in one session but now it immediately and always 
> reset to "show 5 rows" on each refresh of the page

Have you cleared your cookies? I am unable to reproduce this.
Ans: no I didn't clear the cookies, this is happening on all PCs (more than
20) on both IE and FireFox. 

> 2. I have multiple projects and created many custom fields for all 
> projects, users started adding data in those fields in all projects, 
> at some later stage it was decided to remove some of the custom fields 
> from some of the projects but when I excluded those custom fields from 
> some of the projects it deletes data of those fields from those 
> projects which still have those custom fields associated with those

I am unable to reproduce this, when I removed a field from a project it just
removed it from that one project, all additional projects kept their data.
On the warning message that popped up, what projects were mentioned? Did
someone perhaps remove all projects and then add projects back?
Ans: no, this is not the case, I am the only  admin and no one is even of
manager role, all of the users except me are developers, default/built in
user is inactive, I created around 8-10 new fields (most of them were of
dates types) for around 10 projects and people started using them, but at
later stage 2 of the project owner requested to remove some of the fields
from their projects, I removed them from their projects, that is it. Custom
fields were still associated with other projects but their data got deleted
from all issues in those projects.

> 3. I have created many statuses as per organization and projects need, 
> one of the status named as "On Hold" I created and users started using 
> it, but after a day or two this option don't show up in the combo of 
> setting status so that user can set issue on "On Hold" status.

What does the status admin page show? Does that status have a "closed" 
Ans: No that is not the case I am using eventum for many years and know very
well the concepts of statuses, "On Hold" is not used in closed context and
it was showing in the combo box of status initially but after some times
(2-3 days) users started complaining that they don't have option to select
"On Hold" status, then I checked in all projects and found that its not
available in any project, I did all my investigations and couldn't find any
reason i.e. the status "On Hold" shows in the list under Manage Statuses
area without Closed Context option. So I created another status with for
this purpose and its working fine.

I find another problem as below:
I created many users (all as developers) under different projects but when I
select any user to edit its details what I found is that it shows "No
access" in all of the projects, so I have to be very careful while changing
password to remember in which projects he has access to and reselect the
role for each project each time for the user.

Best Regards,

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