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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 17 2004 5:43am
Subject:RE: How do you move (reassign) an issue from one project to another?
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>         I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could reassign an
> issue from one project to another in eventum? I realise that there isn't
> likely a eventum way of doing this ... but I was kinda hoping someone
> could suggest which tables, rows need modifying also.

Yeah, sorry about that. There's no way within Eventum itself to do this, but
we have that in our TODO list (somewhat long-term, though).

> We have a couple of permutations of a product - with different project
> names based upon the platform (as they have divergent code bases) and an
> issue got assigned to the wrong project.
> Looking at the Issue table I would guess the fields:
> iss_prj_id (project id?)
> iss_prc_id (project category id)
> would need to be altered. Would there be any others requried?

Yes, iss_prj_id is the foreign key to the eventum_project.prj_id field.

And yes, there are other fields required for this change. If you are using
custom fields, those are also tied to a project. Same thing for a release
(iss_pre_id), for statuses (iss_sta_id), and for issue assignments (table
eventum_issue_user) as not all users are allowed in all projects. So
depending on the project that you are moving the issue to, you may need to
remove rows from the eventum_issue_user table.

Also, if you have emails that are tied to this issue, then you have yet
another problem :)

Emails are associated to email accounts, which are associated to a project.
So if you have a set of emails associated to your issue, and move the issue
to another project, they may disappear since the code is (hopefully) doing a
JOIN between the email, email account and project tables to get the list of

I hope I'm not missing anything here, but I guess you can see how complex
this feature would need to be :)

> I'm thinking that this would be a feature that should belong in the
> Administration section - "reassign issue". It would allow the
> reassignment
> of an issue from one project to another ... and would also allow the
> selection of the appropriate project category, user etc - basically
> whatever was necessary to bind it to the correct project.

Right, some sort of special functionality would need to exist for this to be
easier to do.


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