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From:Iraj Entezarjou Date:February 10 2011 9:51pm
Subject:Re: Can Eventum do this?
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Transferring issue to other project is not supported in Eventum.

Auto assigning issue (step 2) is supported to some extend by using Round Robin assignment
setting up in the admin view but it does not support assignment based on type. 

To achive what you need you should implement your own work flow and tie it to your
projects. There is an Example work flow you can look at and modify but you need a php
developer for that.

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Subject: Can Eventum do this?

I'm needing a tech support ticketing system that accommodates the following
workflow (or similar):


1)      User creates new issue with a form. On that form, the user selects
the type of issue he/she is having.

2)      System auto-assigns issues to "lead" user by type.

3)      System alerts assigned user when new issue is assigned (or updated).

4)      System segregates issues by type.

5)      Issues incorrectly assigned can be easily moved to the correct


I've poked around in Eventum enough to see that such a configuration is not
intuitively obvious. Can Eventum do this?


If so, how? One project per issue type? Can issues be easily transferred
between projects?


Any help will be much appreciated!





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