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From:Todd.Morgan Date:May 17 2004 2:23am
Subject:How do you move (reassign) an issue from one project to another?
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Howdy Folks,
        I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could reassign an 
issue from one project to another in eventum? I realise that there isn't 
likely a eventum way of doing this ... but I was kinda hoping someone 
could suggest which tables, rows need modifying also.

We have a couple of permutations of a product - with different project 
names based upon the platform (as they have divergent code bases) and an 
issue got assigned to the wrong project.

Looking at the Issue table I would guess the fields:
iss_prj_id (project id?)
iss_prc_id (project category id)

would need to be altered. Would there be any others requried?

I'm thinking that this would be a feature that should belong in the 
Administration section - "reassign issue". It would allow the reassignment 
of an issue from one project to another ... and would also allow the 
selection of the appropriate project category, user etc - basically 
whatever was necessary to bind it to the correct project.


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How do you move (reassign) an issue from one project to another?Todd.Morgan17 May
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