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From:Mike Dodds Date:March 16 2010 3:27pm
Subject:Re: Eventum notifications [Virus Checked]
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You can also get locks when sending messages as well as downloading emails -

You can check if the process mail queue job is working by browing to the 
link manually -  http://eventum_url/misc/process_mail_queue.php

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Subject: RE: Eventum notifications [Virus Checked]

Thanks for the responses about the locks directory. Unfortunately, no lock 
files are there. Also note that this is not regarding pulling email from a 
POP 3 server, but sending out email from the eventum server.

Is there some place I can check to see if the email is even being created 
for the cron job to pick up (directory or table)?


Jared Ingersoll (jingersoll@stripped)

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Subject: Re: Eventum notifications [Virus Checked]

Try to see if you have a "hanging" process which holds back every outbound 
ticket email.



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